What Is A Motorcycle Squid?

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In the world of motorcycles, there are various terms and slang used to describe different types of riders. One such term is the “motorcycle squid.” If you’re new to the motorcycling community, you might be wondering what this term means and why it carries a negative connotation. In this blog post, we will delve into the world of the motorcycle squid, exploring its definition, characteristics, and the importance of responsible riding.

What Is A Motorcycle Squid?

A motorcycle squid is a term used to describe a rider who displays reckless, irresponsible, and unsafe behavior while operating a motorcycle. Squids are often associated with inexperienced riders who engage in dangerous riding practices, disregarding safety precautions and exhibiting a lack of skill or regard for others on the road.

Characteristics Of A Motorcycle Squid:

  1. Reckless Riding: Motorcycle squids are known for their reckless riding habits. They may engage in high-speed maneuvers, weave through traffic erratically, or perform stunts and tricks on public roads. Their disregard for traffic laws and safety guidelines puts themselves and others at risk.
  2. Lack of Protective Gear: Squids often fail to prioritize their safety by neglecting to wear proper protective gear. This can include riding without a helmet, wearing inadequate clothing, or disregarding the importance of gloves, boots, and other safety equipment.
  3. Showboating and Attention-Seeking: Squids often exhibit attention-seeking behavior, aiming to draw attention to themselves by performing dangerous stunts or excessively revving their motorcycles. Their desire for recognition and thrill-seeking takes precedence over responsible riding practices.

The Importance Of Responsible Riding:

Responsible riding is crucial for the safety of motorcyclists and the reputation of the motorcycling community as a whole. Here are a few reasons why responsible riding should be prioritized:

  1. Safety: Riding responsibly reduces the risk of accidents and injuries. By following traffic laws, maintaining proper speeds, and adhering to safe riding practices, riders can significantly minimize the chances of collisions or other road-related incidents.
  2. Respect for Others: Responsible riders prioritize the safety and well-being of others on the road. By riding in a predictable manner, signaling intentions, and respecting the rights of other motorists, responsible riders contribute to a harmonious and cooperative environment.
  3. Positive Image: Irresponsible riding behavior perpetuated by squids can negatively impact the perception of motorcyclists as a whole. By embracing responsible riding practices, riders can promote a positive image of the motorcycling community and help dispel stereotypes.
  4. Personal Development: Responsible riding involves continuous learning and improvement. By seeking further training, practicing skills, and staying informed about the latest safety practices, riders can enhance their own abilities and enjoy a more fulfilling riding experience.


The term “motorcycle squid” serves as a reminder of the importance of responsible riding within the motorcycling community. Squids, characterized by their reckless and unsafe behaviors, put themselves and others at risk while perpetuating negative stereotypes about motorcyclists. By prioritizing safety, respecting traffic laws, and embracing responsible riding practices, we can create a safer environment for all road users and showcase the true spirit of motorcycling. Let us strive to be responsible riders, upholding the values of safety, respect, and enjoyment as we embark on our two-wheeled adventures.

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Why Do They Call Motorcycle Squids?

Squid could have generally come from irresponsible motorcyclists who lay splayed on the footpath with blood oozing out, making them look like these tentacle creatures. It was generally a term used by surfers for new suffers who sometimes had no control over their surfing.

What Is A Street Squid?

Merriam-Webster Dictionary) Squid– Any of an order of motorcycle riders who have few if any true riding skills, no training, and no common sense. They often wear little or no protective gear, ride extremely recklessly, and crash often.

What Is A Squid Rider?

Motorcycle squids are riders who show no common sense or consideration for other road users, wear inappropriate clothing and who ride recklessly and immaturely. They also tend to over estimate their ability on 2 wheels.

Where Did The Term Squid Come From?

“Squid” is thought to be a sailors’ variant of “squirt,” referring to the ink ejected by the cephalopods. Commonly used as the name of the fried culinary dish, “calamari” is also the name of a specific genus of squid and comes from the Latin calamarius, literally “pertaining to a pen.”


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